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Restricting the number of items displayed per page

Topic: Templates
Products: iNETstore 2002, iNETstore Studio 2001

The default number of items displayed per page is 30. This article explains how to change this value.

A session variable is established when a user enters your store. The session variable contains those values stored in the user table (USRstorename) for that user.

The default user for a store is called "guest". In order to change the default number of items displayed for the guest user you must edit the value stored in the USR table for the "guest" user. The value is stored in a field called "itemspagepage".


  1. Open your store in iNETstore Maintenance.
  2. Double click on the Users table.
  3. Double click on the Public folder.
  4. Double click on the "guest" user.
  5. Change the value in the "itemspagepage" field to the number of items you would like displayed per page.
  6. Click the Update button in the toolbar.
  7. To effect your changes you will need to upload your USR table to your live store. Note caution should be taken uploading the USR table as you live store may contain more recent data than your own machine. In such cases you should perform a Get From Server before performing the update.

When the number of items in a category exceeds the number of items to be displayed per page a page numbering link will appear at the buttom of the page. This page numbering is coded into the template with the tag [DBxPAGES]