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Insufficient rights to execute EHTML page

Topic: Error message
Products: iNETstore 2002, iNETstore Studio 2001

This article explains this error message and its causes.

For security iNETstore determines whether a user has privileges to view a particular page before displaying it. These security settings are dependant on the user group that the user is logged in as. For example a "public" member should not be able to view pages within the BBMS (which is an "admin" user group).

If a user tries to view a page that they do not have rights to execute they will get the error message:

Insufficient rights to execute EHTML page

In certain circumstances you may also get this error message when you are developing locally on your own machine. This sometimes occurs when you have multiple browser windows open (or a single web browser window + iNETstore Maintenance). The problem occurs because the browser gets confused between your browser sessions and thinks that you might be trying to execute the "admin" pages as a "public" user. To avoid this situation it is recommended that you only have a single browser window open within your store at any one time.

See page 8-5 of the iNETstore 2002 manual for more information on restricting access to pages by user group.