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Can't send email

Topic: Error message
Products: iNETstore 2002, iNETstore Studio 2001

If you keep receiving the message "Can't send mail" when trying to send an order confirmation then this article may be of interest.

Jarrod discovered the following issue whilst developing a store on his own machine.

He repeatedly received the error message "Error: can't send mail." when trying to send himself a copy of the order confirmation.

Here are Jarrod's comments:

"Norton Personal Firewall . . . Blocking the process!!

After messing around for a while, I found that it is the “Browser Privacy” setting in Norton Personal Firewall 2002.

It looks like you are grabbing some additional “browser type” information when that order confirmation is sent to the gateway.

For your Information, these settings are found in the “Privacy Control” section of NPF2002, under “Custom Level”, “Enable Browser Privacy” checkbox."

Jarrod Coyles