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Non critical HTML code bugs

Topic: Code bugs
Product: iNETstore 2002

Reported by:

Nick Gleitzman
Omnivision. Websight.


In working to customise iNETstore 2002, I found the following code bugs:

in /templates/public/header-template-B.txt, lines 28-29:

28     </p></td></tr>
29     </tr><td align="left" valign="top"><p class="body">

Line 29 Should be <tr>, not </tr>. Doesn't seem to affect IE5.5/Win, but some browsers will render this table incorrectly...

in /templates/public/header-template-C.txt, lines 25-44:

consists of nested table, 18 identical rows.
Sample row: <tr><td class="tableborder"><img src="../images/space.gif"></td></td>
Should be:  <tr><td class="tableborder"><img src="../images/space.gif"></td></tr>

FYI. Regards -

Nick Gleitzman