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Previewing template styles

Topic: Templates
Product: iNETstore 2002

How to quickly view all of the templates without having to create a new site for each template.

You can preview all template options by creating one store and then rename include files.

Just open the following folder: C:\Program Files\iNETstore 2002\public-html\catalogue\storename\templates\public (replace 'storename' with the name of your store)

This folder contains the include files for the public user group. For example, header-template.txt is the site header. As you can see, there are other header template files in that folder, such as header-template-A.txt, header-template-B.txt, etc. These are different header styles that you can use. To try out a different header style (for example style A), simply rename files:

- Rename header-template.txt to header-template-old.txt - Rename header-template-A.txt to header-template.txt - Reload your store (you may need to login again)

Because you have renamed the original style A header file to 'header-template.txt', your store will now use header A.

You can repeat this procedure with each header to preview all styles.

Check out chapter 13 of the iNETstore manual for more information about include files. Page 13-7 contains screen shots of the available headers and other include files.