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Category description javascript error

Topic: Code bugs
Product: iNETstore 2002

A JavaScript error appears on some of my category pages. When I remove the category description, the page works fine.

Although this issue is not really a bug per say it is an issue that often causes confusion.

The description field for categories is displayed using a JavaScript. The JavaScript ensures that the category graphic is not displayed as a broken link if no such category graphic exists.

Unfortunately this means that if you enter a value into the description field that the JavaScript does not like then you will get a JavaScript error when viewing a category page on your store and likely your description will not display.

How to resolve this issue:

  1. Do not enter any link breaks in your description. If you want your text to have line breaks you must enter the HTML tag <p> instead.
  2. If you use any double quotation characters in your description (looks like this ") you must preface them with a back slash. e.g. \"