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Mail-To Gateway

Topic: Customer feedback
Product: iNETstore 2002

This article explains how you can set up a simple form (e.g. feedback form), the result of which is sent to a specified email address.

A mail-to script that can be used by all iNETstore customers is located at this URL:

This script accepts HTML form input and sends it to you.

Required fields of the form are:

  • form_sender: Sender's email address
  • form_recipient: Recipient's email address
  • form_password: Password to authorise email to the recipient (for prevention of spam)
  • form_subject: Email subject line
  • form_redirecturl: URL to redirect to after successfully sending email

Any fields that don't start with 'form_' are included in the body of the message. For example, if you include a field called 'comment', the value entered by a user is included in the body of the email that is sent to you.

In order to prevent people from sending spam (unsolicited bulk email) through the system, we have implemented a system where you need a password for each domain to which email is to be sent. Such a password is issued automatically if you submit a request through the following URL:

When you request a password, you will be sent further instructions and a sample form you can further customise.