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Integrating a real time payment gateway using the iNETstore Gateway Server

Topic: Payment gateway
Product: iNETstore 2002

This article explains how to integrate a real time payment gateway into your store.


A real time payment gateway enables you to process credit card payments automatically at the time the transaction takes place on your web site. The gateway will establish a connection to the banking network and clear the funds if available. The customer and merchant are automatically advised whether the transaction was successful.

Payment gateways are third party companies that specialise in the clearing of electronic payments online. As a merchant you will require an account with a payment gateway in addition to your merchant account with your bank (an exception to this rule is the payment gateway WorldPay where you require a standard bank account only).

iNETstore makes implementing a real time payment gateway as simple as possible. All of the software and integration work that each payment gateway requires has already been done by iNETstore. iNETstore also maintains the 128bit SSL certificate and a scalable robust server network. All that you have to do is obtain an account with a payment gateway and enter the appropriate values into the iNETstore Payment Gateway Server (

Support Gateways

International Gateways: (Supports businesses internationally. No merchant account required.) (U.S. based companies only)

Australian Gateways:
(Australian merchants should note that the WorldPay link above is also relevant for accepting international currencies):
eWay supports the following banks: St George - Bank SA - ANZ - CBA - NAB - Westpac - BankWest
NewsConnect Safepay supports the following banks: CBA - Westpac - ANZ - NAB,,666,00.html
NSIPS supports the following banks: NAB

Integration Instructions

  1. Create an account on the iNETstore Payment Gateway Server using the Store License Number that came with your software. You can create an account or access your existing account at
  2. The first time you set-up your account in Step 1 you will be prompted to run through a few set-up screens. If this step has already been done for you (by say your web developer) you need not worry as all values can still be obtained from the menu (just proceed with the following steps).
  3. Click "Change Gateway Method"
  4. Select the gateway that you have an account with (or intend setting up an account with).
  5. Depending on the gateway selected you will be asked to enter some variables such as your customer id or account number. Depending on the gateway selected there may also be some instructions that you should supply to your gateway to ensure that your account is configured correctly at their end. Once you have obtained the variables requested, enter them in the input boxes and click Submit.
  6. There are now three values that you will have to enter in your store. Locate the values below and enter them in your store by logging into BBMS | Orders Setup:
    1. Your iNETstore Gateway account number. This is the number you use to log into your gateway account at It is also displayed in to top right hand corner of the iNETstore Gateway interface. The value normally looks like "aa00XXX". Copy this value into the field "Gateway Account" (in BBMS | Orders Setup)
    2. Your payment gateway key. To obtain your key click on "Gateway Key Details" within the iNETstore Payment Gateway interface. Copy this value into the field "Encryption Key" (in BBMS | Orders Setup)
    3. Your gateway server URL. This URL varies according to the gateway you have selected. Enter the value for your nominated gateway from the list below into the field "Gateway Server" (in BBMS | Orders Setup):

      eWay value:

      NewsConnect Safepay value:

      NSIPS value:

      WorldPay value:

      Authorize.Net value:

    4. Click Submit in BBMS  | Orders Setup to save your changes.

    5. If necessary (if you are working locally) then upload your changes to the web server.

  7. That's it. We recommend that you place some test transactions to ensure that the system is working as expected. TIP: Create a one cent product for your test transactions and use a real credit card number to order it.