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Auto login to ehtml pages

Topic: Auto customer login
Product: iNETstore 2002

In order for an ehtml page to execute the user must first be logged into the store. This article explains how to auto login a user into the store and display your preferred page.

In order to execute an ehtml page the user must first be logged into the store.

If you try and link to an ehtml page without first logging the user into the store you will receive an error message that they page could not be found.

The way to overcome this issue is to create a guest account for the each page that you would like to log users into.

For example, say the page we wanted to link to was:


  • Download a copy of your latest customer database by performing a Get From Server | Database Only | USR table.
  • In iNETstore Maintenance double click on the Users | Public tree view.
  • Click on the Item button in the toolbar.
  • Give the new guest user an name such as "guest-pageName". In this example we will create a user called "guest-demo".
  • Change the following values:
    • Userpassword: leave this field blank
    • Framemain: public/pageName.ehtml  (in this example it would be "public/demo.ehtml")
    • Itemsperpage: 30
    • Maxpages: 5
  • Click the Update button in the toolbar to save your changes.
  • Now upload your changes by performing a Send To Server | Database Only | USR table.
  • You can now hyperlink to your page with the following command and the page you specified in framemain (public/demo.ehtml) will be displayed: