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Alternative add to basket method - javascript popup

Topic: Shopping basket
Products: iNETstore 2002, iNETstore Studio 2001

NOTE: this method is no longer supported.

NOTE: There have been several reports that this basket method may not work with all browsers. Use of this basket method is at your own discretion and risk.

When a user clicks 'add to cart' the function _cmdaddtobasket gets executed. This function automatically calls a page called win-statusbar.html which is stored in the store directory:


By default this page will redirect to:


The page available for download will display a pop-up window instead. The pop window will look like:

Installation Instructions:

  1. Backup your existing win-statusbar.html file located in \templates\public
  2. Download this file
  3. Extract the zip file into your store
  4. By default the file will extract to your \templates\public directory